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Restricted Funds

Building Fund:  Funds dedicated to support the purchase of land/building and to maintaining a synagogue.

Education Fund:  Funds dedicated to create or maintain religious school programming and adult education programming.

KATY (Kol Ami Temple Youth): Funds dedicated to support CKAF KATY activities.

Leadership Training: Funds dedicated for traiing/conferences for the Rabbi, Cantorial Solost, and any designated congregational representative.

Membership Relief Fund:  Funds dedicated to members needing assistance with their dues and fees.

Music Fund: Funds dedicated to develop a vibrant music program for the synagogue.

Religious Activities Fund:  Funds dedicated to support religious services for adults and children, with the exception of Toratot and prayer books.

Sacred Text Fund:  Funds dedicated to to purchase prayer books and purchasing and maintaining Toratot for the congregation.

Sick and Benevolent Fund:  This fund was set up with an anonymous donation to Kol Ami.  The purpose of the fund is to make sure members of the Kol Ami community may have a respectable burial even if they do not have the resources to do so.  Donations are accepted to the fund and questions related to the fund should be directed to the Rabbi.

Miller Camp Scholarship Fund:  In memory of Michael and Carol Miller.
The purpose of this fund is for Kol Ami children Teens whose parents don’t have the full means to send their child to experience Jewish camps such as Kutz, Airy or Louise. This is a needs-based Scholarship. Application for the camp scholarship should be made by submitting an essay to the Rabbi on why they want to go to a Jewish Camp. What do they think the experience will provide them? If the student has gone to camp previously, add a paragraph on how going to camp has enriched their lives’ in the past. In the event the child is unable to write the essay, the parents may submit the essay basing it on Jewish Camp experience they had and what they hope their child will gain from the experience.

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