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Regular worship has been shown to help with so many other parts of your life. It gives you a chance to decompress, reflect, sing with joy and spend some time with your community. Whether you come for the High Holy Days (although we’d like to see you more often!), Erev or Tot Shabbat services or Shabbat morning services, you are always welcome at Congregation Kol Ami of Frederick.  Our services are conducted with a mixture of Hebrew and English and our texts provide English translation, and transliteration for all of our prayers.

Prayer is a language that each of us speaks and hears in a different way. When we pray together, we try to find meaning within the chorus of diverse voices. With his Devrai Torah and teachings, our Rabbi shows us how the lessons from the past are relevant to our lives today. 

Through a wide range of truly meaningful spiritual experiences, we offer something for everyone, bi- Weekly Friday Night and Shabbat Services, Tot Shabbat, Pajama Shabbat, and warm weather outdoor services.

Torah of Our Own - Torah Dedication

Sunday, June 8, 2008 was a special day that none of us will soon forget. Our new Torah scroll was dedicated and celebrated by all.  Our Torah has been restored to a pristine state and it has now found a loving home with Congregation Kol Ami of Frederick. Each congregant had a chance to finish one letter in our Torah, thus completing the 613th commandment - that you shall complete a Torah in your lifetime.

 Food at Kol Ami Events

Out of respect for historic custom, food at events sponsored by the Congregation, including life cycle events, will be served “kosher-style.” Dishes should be labeled as meat or dairy, and congregants should refrain from bringing items traditionally considered “traif” (such as pork and shellfish) to such events. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Synagogue Decorum

The following policies are in keeping with making the worship service as fulfilling and undisturbed as possible:

  • When entering the sanctuary, CKAF requests that all cell phones be turned off. Doctors or other professionals who may be on call may leave their phones on silent; however, when receiving a call, it is requested that they quickly and quietly exit the sanctuary as inconspicuously as possible to answer the call.
  • It is inappropriate to enter or leave the sanctuary when the congregation is standing as these are significant parts of the service, a more intense meditation.
  • There will be no taking of still photographs during any service. Photography can be arranged for either before or after the service.
  • For videography, a single camera is acceptable at the rear of the sanctuary with as little movement of the camera as possible. No flashes or extra lighting will be allowed. 
  • A religious service is a time when congregants attempt to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness.  If the music moves someone and they want to clap in time to the music, that is acceptable, but acknowledging anyone with applause is not.
  • Appropriate behavior for adults, teenagers and children is expected at all times. CKAF encourages all families to bring even their youngest children to services; however, when their behavior reaches the point that it disturbs other congregants or the service leader, parents are expected to take proper measures and bring the child into the quiet room. Children are to be properly supervised at all times in and out of the sanctuary.

Policy on Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather necessitating cancellation of religious services, programs, or Religious School, a broadcast email will be sent to the congregation or Religious School families, as appropriate. Notice will also be posted on CKAF's Facebook page.

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